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More Rain

November 13, 2009

In the last article, “The Rains Have Come”, we had almost given up on more rain this year.then the unexpected happened and the rains began anew with several downpours which has saved Maio’s subsistent farmers for this year. Corn and beans are plentiful. Advertisements

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The Rains Have Come and Gone

October 18, 2009

The rainy season which started out so brilliantly last month with two soaking rains came to an abrupt halt soon after. At first rain the local people here hurry to their small farm plots, plant their seed and pray for more rain. This is not an exact science sometime it works and sometimes it doesn’t. […]

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Maio, Rain and a Green Island|Maio,Cape Verde

October 10, 2009

Elisabeth has created a new journal with photos of the GREEN island of Maio. Maio, Rain & a GREEN Island – click here to view

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Rain and Maio | Maio, Cape Verde

August 26, 2009

Usually not two words used together on Maio, but it happened yesterday. Only a shower, but some much needed rain for the farmers.

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