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Second Cabo Verde Fast Ferry vessel to be called “Liberdadi”

Alcides Vicente, a Cape Verdean residing in Atlanta, Georgia (in the United States), is the winner of the contest aimed at selecting the name for the second ferry boat being built by Cabo Verde Fast Ferry. The name chosen is “Liberdadi” (“Freedom”). The name of the first vessel is Kriola.
Second Cabo Verde Fast Ferry vessel to be called “Liberdadi”

Construction of the first of the two ferries is expected to be concluded by October of this year. The second ferry, according to Cabo Verde Fast Ferry, is slated to be finished in January of 2011.

The winner of the contest to choose the name of the vessel, Alcides Vicente, will receive an award in the form of US$ 500 cash, two round-trip tickets on TACV Cabo Verde Airlines from Boston to Praia and a trip aboard the first ferry, as well as lodging in the most luxurious hotels and resorts on the islands.

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