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Delegation from the Ilha do Maio MADRRM promotes III Mondays Agro-livestock

A delegation from the Ministry of Environment, Rural Development and Marine Resources (MADRRM) promotes the Ilha do Maio on 24 and 25 opened, the third Monday of farm and livestock products of the island.

According to the deputy MADRRM, Carlos Dias, will attend the event for farmers and creators from the island, selected, among other things, the quality (variety) and quantity of its products such as agricultural, farming or handicrafts.

The idea, according to Carlos Dias, is to give participants the opportunity to exhibit their products, taking into account that the island that there is a space where they can sell. Normally, all the run-off is channelled into the market in Praia.

Moreover, Open Days, are also a way to spread the productive capacities of the island are increasing year on year.

The fair will be held during the weekend and has a partnership with the City Council on Maio, farmers, ranchers and artisans.

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