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Maio welcomes 50 potential investors |Maio, Cape Verde

The Boa Vista and Maio Integrated Tourist Development Corporation (SDTIBM) will promote a meeting with some 50 Cape Verdean and foreign investors on October 15 in order to present tourist investment opportunities on the two islands. The meeting will take place on Boa Vista.

SDTIBM executive administrator José Carvalho explains that “environmental protection and preservation areas represent 46% of the total area” of tourist development zones on the two islands, and that “the remaining 54% is aimed at tourist enterprises.” Carvalho specifies that only 9% of this 54% is set aside for construction.

Of the lands projected for construction, 12.5% is located in Chave, 8% in Morro de Areia, Santa Mónica and to the south of Porto Inglês, 8.22% in Ribeira Dom João and 15% in Ponta de Pau Seco.

Source: ASemana

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