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Câmara Municipal do Maio, Cape Verde, Photographs

Câmara Municipal do Maio, Cape Verde, Photographs

New photograph album of Ilha do Maio images from Câmara Municipal do Maio (Maio Town Council) on their new Facebook Page.

Câmara Municipal do Maio, Cape Verde, Photographs – click here


Sunfish Scuba Dive on Ilha do Maio, Photos 001

Sunfish Scuba Maio Diving are based on Ilha do Maio, Cape Verde. Best for Maio PADI courses and Maio Scuba classes.Here are some Cape Verde Maio photos 001 and Maio pictures.View Sunfish Scuba Photographs


A Place in the Sun launches Cape Verde buying guide

download the A Place in the Sun Cape Verde buying guide

Download the A Place in the Sun Cape Verde buying guide


A Place in the Sun has launched a new detailed buying guide to Cape Verde, which will give you all the information you need about investing in a property in Cape Verde.


The guide, sponsored by Assetz, is available to download for free and features advice on the buying process (including making an offer, your legal position and advice on likely buying costs, mortgages and capital gains tax), details of the Cape Verde property market, and information on the most common areas that Brits like to buy in including Sal, Boa Vista and San Vicente.

There are also practical tips on what it’s like to actually live in Cape Verde, an area increasingly being discovered by British expats who are drawn to its year round sun, political stability, low crime rates, relatively short flight times from the UK (around six hours) and steadily growing economy.

Plus the guide also features a list of websites where you can get more tips and expert advice on your Cape Verde property hunt.


They don’t seem to have found the Ilha do Maio, but you get the helpful advice 🙂

View and Download A Place in the Sun Cape Verde buying guide


Maio Cafes, Bars and Restaurants?

Submit Your Best Places to eat and drink on Maio

Will anybody submit the names and location of their favourite cafe, bar or restaurant on Ilha do Maio?




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Ilha do Maio Photographs or News

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Catamaran Kriola arrives in Cape Verde for Christmas

Catamaran Kriola arrives in Cape Verde for ChristmasCatamaran Kriola arrives in Cape Verde for ChristmasThe catamaran Kriola will be delivered today, November 26th 2010, to its owner, Cabo Verde Fast Ferry (CVFF). The first of two high-speed ferries, built in Singapore. The vessel should arrive in the country between 25th & 29th December, and three days after conducting its maiden voyage on the route Praia, Fogo and Brava.

Cape Verde will have in the first days of January 2011, its first marine unit to operate modern and fast axis Praia / Fogo / Brava / Maio. It Kriola catamaran, built from scratch in the shipyards of the Dutch company Damen Shipyard in Singapore.

According to the vice president of CA CVFF, the ferry will be delivered this weekend the weekend, and, next Monday, 29, begin journey to Cape Verde by a vessel suitable for this purpose. Gregor Nelson moves the boat will be, for security reasons and not only followed for part of the journey by helicopter, from which will be photographed.

This operator ensures that the trip should last between 29 and 30 days, depending on the conditions of seaworthiness. All things considered, the Kriola come to the country between 25 and 29 December, to begin operating in early January 2011. For all it represents and has already been said and written, the arrival of the vessel to Cape Verde is being awaited with much anticipation, especially the islands of Fogo, Brava and Maio are the most affected by isolation.

The inauguration of the transport will be expected to be marked with much pomp and circumstance. That moment will be to show that the dream can be reality, since the will to join. After all, is the first time businesspeople Cape Verdeans living abroad and in Cape Verde to join a major undertaking for the benefit of these islands.

“We do between 2 and 3 days after the arrival of Kriola, the first maiden voyage on the route Santiago / Fogo and Brava. There, the capital of each of these three islands, separate measures to mark the beginning of his career that first drive fast Fast Ferry, which then extend his career for the Isle of Maio, ‘says Nelson Gregor.

The businessman stressed that since 1 December, to announce the Fast Ferry fare that will perform for different types of passenger and cargo. Gregor Nelson adds that the company is now selecting 70 members to its staff, following a public tender held for this purpose which was attended by 1,300 candidates. Those chosen must integrate the various administrative departments of the ship and crew CVFF Kriola and Freedom. Rather, it will undergo special training. The goal, remember that the operator is to provide the Cape Verdeans a high quality service.

After all, this first catamaran built from scratch, it’s modern and fast, so it has nothing to do with the “junkyards” that have been imported and operate in coastal Cape Verde. After the entry of Kriola, the freedom came between April and May 2011 for this case, connect the Windward Islands. In addition to faster, the new units have a capacity to carry 158 passengers, 20 cars and light trucks in three containerized system.

Alirio Dias de Pina

Read the full article Catamaran Kriola arrives in Cape Verde for Christmas


CV Fast Ferry, Maio Port Requires Adaption

A little over a month until the arrival of the first Fast Ferry Kriola from Cabo Verde Fast Ferry (CVFF). CVFF is waiting for an adjustment that has to be made to the port in Maio before it can receive the new ferry.
According to the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the CVFF company, Andy Andrade, “The port in Maio has to be adapted with a ramp to receive the ferry.”

Andy Andrande told the “Voice Djarmai di”, a gathering of entrepreneurs and the Dutch Cape Verdeans in Rotterdam, “The CVFF, is sensitive to the problem of maritime connection between Praia / Maio / Praia, could not Djarmai out the project”, but Andrade says that “without port adaptation this connection will be impossible.” However, he claims to be in contact with the Mayor of Maio, Manuel Ribeiro, and ENAPOR who have been unwilling to resolve this issue.

Note that the ferry Kriola “already done this month and was baptised on October 22 in Singapore should, according to Andrade, arrive in Cape Verde between 24 and 26 December. However, judging by how things have gone, the people maense have to wait a while to see the resolved problem of sea transport.

Article: CV Fast Ferry, Maio Port Requires Adaption


HalcyonAir Airways new flights to Maio and Sal Cape Verde We would like to inform you that HalcyonAir Airways will start regular flights to Maio Island from Thursday 28th of October 2010.

In the new scheduled there will be four (4) flights a week, Mondays, Thursdays, Fridays and Sundays with possible connections to the islands of Sal, São Vicente, Boavista and Fogo.

Below is the flight timetable:

  1. Segunda-feira / Monday
    • (361) 11:05 Praia – Maio 11:25
    • (631) 11:45 Maio – Praia 12:05
  2. Quinta-feira / Thursday
    • (361) 14:00 Praia – Maio 14:20
    • (631) 14:50 Maio – Praia 15:10
  3. Sexta-feira / Friday
    • (361) 16:35 Praia – Maio 16:55
    • (631) 17:25 Maio – Praia 17:45
  4. Domingo / Sunday
    • (161) 07:30 Sal – Maio 08:05
    • (631) 08:35 Maio – Praia 08:55
    • (361) 16:30 Praia – Maio 16:50
    • (611) 17:20 Maio – Sal 18:00

With the new flights to Maio the access to the island will be considerably improved.

Best news for Maio in a long time…


Species found in Cape Verde

A nice collection of images and videos of sea and land species found in Cape Verde:

ARKive – images of life on earth


In the field: Cape Verde making its way for the Sustainability of the Environment / Making the difference in shaping the minds and the actions of the people

arquivoin the field1 Cape Verde has been recognized as a global hotspot for terrestrial and marine biodiversity and United Nations in Cape Verde is actively involved in promoting environmental sustainability for the people and its’ future generations of Cape Verde. On the island of Maio, two projects funded by GEF Small Grants Programme, are making the difference in shaping the minds and actions of the people.

“Marine Turtles Protection” is the first turtle conservation project in the history of the island involving the active participation of local communities and fishermen to protect Loggerhead Turtles. The project enables 17 fishermen and local people to be employed to patrol the beaches from June to October for the nesting and the hatchlings of the turtles. The local youth are also taking part in the conservation project by visiting the project sites and learning about the life cycle of the turtles and the eco-system of the island. The youth also had the opportunity to share their findings by organizing a theater performance at the municipality’s festivals. Theater is relatively new to Maio and the play combined traditional story-telling techniques with an emphasis of turtle conservation and the importance of preserving the natural environment.

This is a positive change in the increased awareness of the people where before, the hunting of turtles for their meat and eggs was common practice across the islands and egg predation by humans and other predators, had almost wiped out the breeding turtle population of the island.The project is also in alignment with Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan (BSAP), a national government policy priority, which is also linked to the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD). The project is really a local-to-global contribution.

arquivo in the field2 “Revitalizing the Porto Ingles Wetlands” is also a unique cooperative project,empowering 70local women working in salt extraction. Porto Ingles Wetlands include the largest «salina» in Cape Verde with a heritage of salt extraction since the late 16th century. The entire salt production process in Maio is managed and operated by local women, and these women are proud and motivated in further improving their professional skills by actively participating in a technical exchange program to increase salt production with women from similar projects in Guinea Bissau, West Africa.The UN in Cape Verde will continue work with the Government, civil society, private sector, development partners, and families to promote sustainable development. After all, the women in Porto Ingles Wetlands have definitely illustrated that by working together and sharing experiences, they are not only helping each other to enhance the quality of life for themselves, but also are contributing to the lives of the people in Cape Verde and it’s neighbouring countries.

arquivo in the field3 In addition,the project not only promotes sustainable traditional livelihoods of these women, it also promotes biodiversity by protecting and re-vitalizing the wetlands. The wetland attracts a wide variety of birds,including endemic species, for breeding and feeding.A protected fence is scheduled to be built to preserve and to develop this area as a natural reserve to incorporate eco-tourism as a unique bird-watching site in Cape Verde. The flocks of flamingo can also be observed when visiting the Porto Ingles Wetlands.

Both projects, while aimed at issues related to MDG7, (Ensure Environmental Sustainability), have the added benefits of addressing poverty eradication and other MDG1 targets. The UN in Cape Verde and GEF Small Grants Programme continue to be committed to promoting sustainable livelihoods of the people by protecting the environment and utilizing the natural resources.

* Reported and photos taken by Masakazu Shibata (OUNF&P Communication Officer) except group photo of “Marine Turtles Protection” project provided by Tony Melo (Biosfera I)